A lot of local businesses such as the GSI/SLV, Siemens, Targo Bank, Sparkasse, and CityPalais are located very close to the hotel. Just ask us if you are planning a business-trip.Recreational activities are also widely available. The city of Duisburg has a lot to offer. Spend an evening at the casino or go shopping at the 'Forum' or anywhere else downtown.Duisburg has one of the biggest harbors in Europe. Very close by, designed by Sir Norman Foster, is the so-called 'Innenhafen' with many restaurants and bars and a beautiful view on the marina. There is a lot of sight-seeing to do, and again, the possibilities are endless, wether you want to go to see the industrial park in the north of Duisburg (Landschaftspark) or spend a day at the Duisburg lakes ('Sechs-Seen-Platte')

Forum Duisburg
Stadt Duisburg
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